OzInverter Updates, amendments and modifications.

Jan 2018, slight Price increase to cover the standard postal rate of $22 for most normal postage places in the World. If I have a problem in sending to your location, I will contact you by your email address.

From June 23rd 2016, The New OzControl Board PCB that I supply, will be the Pin 6 start and stop circuit amendments that 'Oztules' has now perfected.

October 2016....... No 8 OzControl board PCB, The Pin 6 start method needs to have short On/OFF switch cables, about 100mm in length, as this start method can be temperamental. The over temp method for ON/OFF can still be used on the New Control Board, but the 1k6/5 resistor to PIN 6 should be removed, and the PIN 6 ON/OFF switch plug should be removed and a jumper installed. In the Over Temp Start stop method the PIN 6 should have a constant +5v.

Dec 2017, New No12 Ozcontrol Board PCB with all possible operating functions. This is the Final design.

Please see the OzInverter page .... http://www.echorenovate.com/the-ozinverter.php ... on this site, for the photos, July 20th 2016, and Jan 2018 for details of the component layouts/types and positions on the OzControl Board.

A Big OzInverter Build.

A  OzInverter capable of running at 8kW to 10kW.  The bare toroid core is 38kg at 230mm OD, 100mm centre hole and 140mm high /thick.

. I will update this page with any interesting facts or info for those of you building a Big OzInverter

For further information please See ….. http://www.fieldlines.com/index.php/topic,149131.0.html   And  ....... http://www.fieldlines.com/index.php/topic,149427.0.html

Thank you for your support with this OzInverter Project, and I trust it helps you!