Echorenovate - working together for a sustainable world


Welcome to our "eco-renovation" project: Le Vivray

A place to recover and recharge, whatever your needs, spiritual or otherwise.

A place to appreciate the beauty of nature and the cycle of the seasons.
A place where we are kind to the environment, and it rewards us with produce.
A place where everybody can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
A place for sharing our passions: eco-renovation, horology, life sciences, well-being, music, or just helping people realise anything is possible!
Come and see us!

What are we offering? Well, RIGHT NOW, we can offer you free learning and practical experience in sustainable building techniques and renewable energy, in exchange for helping us progress our renovation projects. - Check out our building projects page to find a project that appeals to you. Whether you stay for 3 days or 30, you will go away armed with new skills and with a smile on your face!

IN THE FUTURE, we will become a small residential centre, where we plan to offer not-for-profit paid courses, in these and many other areas! From eco-renovation to making your own mechanical clock, from learning about life sciences, meditation and well-being, to just hanging out with cheese and cider,  "Skill and Chill" with us in beautiful Normandy!

Whether you are a lifetime advocate for sustainable living or self-sufficiency, thinking about some small changes you could make to your lifestyle to leave the planet a better place, you fancy learning a new skill in exchange for helping us out, or you could just use some help to feel better about being here on Earth, we invite you to join us. DANGER: previous helpers have been bitten by the bug and started their own projects or even businesses! - That's the echo in echorenovate!


Why not make your own solar tracker? Follow this link to find out more about our BOOK: "How to make a low cost, simple and robust 1.5kW or a 2kW Double Axis PV Solar Tracker". And please look at our NEW BOOK on the NEW 6-15kW OzInverter.



Come back soon to check out our updates on renewable energy, sustainable living and our other exciting projects!

Contact us here. Follow us on Twitter as Echorenovate. Oh, and our Blog just hatched here.

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